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Money Manifesting?

Money Manifestation Coaching sounds great - just imagine your fortune and it will come to you. You've probably heard of The Secret, so this concept is really nothing new. But because this type of coaching has become so popular (and expensive), its has come under scrutiny given the impossible promises behind it. Manifesting Influencers, workshops, Frequency Training Coaches and other gurus are using their marketing skills and pop psychology to get under the skin of ambitious believers, who are looking for an easy path to their current post-pandemic desires.

When the results of all the manifesting fail, due to the lack of "frequency" or "focus" by the client, it isn't considered the fault of the guide or trainer. The client just didn't do it right. This doesn't mean that motivational techniques, visualization, vision boards and other tools aren't helpful or worthwhile; but rather, that there needs to be a base to build upon, and some substance invested into real world efforts to achieve goals. Using a Coach or Trainer is a very valid plan given realistic expectations and the understanding that success is ultimately the responsibility of the client.

And interestingly enough, its a good idea to examine these gurus for any techinques that may be readily available from their pitches. So I am including this link to an article I recently read that mentions the major players in this arena. Happy hunting! Learn from all of them and check back with The Money Coach for the latest tips, business ideas and information.


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