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Time to Release the Entrepreneur in you!

All those plans you had last year have disappeared and may never come back. Its the right time to revisit those other ideas you've been talking about that make you feel excited. Its time to think outside of the box and reinvent yourself and your goals for the future.

Sometimes we need a really big push to knock us off of the mundane rut we have gotten so comfortable in. Well, this is it!

If you don't have a job anymore, no place to go, and you're having to go live with your family - make it worthwhile. It will become part of a cool story you will be telling 10 or 20 years from now. It'll be a story of success against all odds. Take time now to learn, to observe, and to lay the foundation to build your dreams upon.

Be resourceful and don't let a couple of obstacles stop you on your tracks. There are many opportunities that require little or no investment for those who are forward thinking and willing to put in the time.

Do your numbers! Sounds simple, however, many entrepreneurs underestimate their calculations and end up wasting precious time and resources - stopping just as they are gaining momentum.

Its not easy being both the dreamer and the planner, but that's what entrepreneurs are made of.

Start by defining your passion, I've got an article in my blog that will help you figure it out. Then you must write a business plan, its your GPS to success. It doesn't have to be elaborate. I'll be posting a template to make the process easier.

I can also send you copy of this report explaining all the financial options available to start a new business.

Start-ups don't usually qualify for merchant services (to use credit cards) and the fees can be very high. I have a system that easily plugs into your website and mobile device to receive payments quickly (unlike PayPal) at a fraction of the cost of processing credit cards.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs get started so I can provide them with a variety of financial services. We are in this together, so all of my materials are free and all my services are at absolutely no cost to my clients. I am a broker for the largest FinTech companies in the United States. These are groups reinventing financial services with a vision for the future.

If you don't think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, take a look at this article from Oberlo entitled "Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Read This If You Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough".

And don't stop pursuing your dreams.


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